Meet the Artist @ Toast Winterfield: Lightbox Print Co

James and Meredith are two real-life, married designers behind the name of Lightbox who collaboratively produce artwork together.  


"All of our prints are based off our original drawings, photographs, and concepts and are screen printed by hand by the two of us - literally and extensively. We take pride in keeping our business small and using no mechanical machinery in our printmaking.


We work collaboratively on each print we create - each taking the lead on various tasks from the design development to the final printing, sharing ideas and feedback throughout the process to create a cohesive, distinguishable aesthetic throughout our work.


The name “Lightbox” refers to the sunroom in our top floor city apartment. Always filled with natural light, it makes for the perfect spot for observing, drawing, and brainstorming while watching the hubbub of street life happening below. It's always been our favorite spot to share time at home together, so it seemed fitting to name the business we share our collaborative work through after it.


When we’re not printing you can likely find us in our tiny kitchen cooking our favorite Thai recipes (Meredith) or baking the best bread from scratch (James), outdoors exploring a new city or landscape, or at one of our local neighborhood breweries."