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Thursday Dinner Specials

@ the Village


   Join us for a trip around the world

Welcome to Africa!


To drink:


African Sunrise

espolon blanco, amarula cream liqueur, Kona cold brew, ancho reyes


To eat:


Egyptian Fried Cauliflower

fresh cauliflower fried in n Egyptian style batter, with spiced yogurt



Vegetarian Bobotie

South African dish, made with carrots, and butternut squash, baked in an egg custard


Piri Piri Chicken

half a grilled chicken, marinated in a spicy piri piri sauce, herb roasted potatoes, small salad with creamy lemon curry dressing 


Jollof Rice with Spiced Steak 

West African style of rice, with tomato, garlic, and vegetables, spiced steak, fried plantains 



Join us this summer as we go on a culinary adventure to explore parts of the world every weekend.  Ask your server for a “Passport” and enjoy any of our world-themed specials and get a “stamp”. Get 4 passport stamps from any of our stores and be entered into a drawing for 

gift cards, and more!




Staff Culinary Contributors:

Menu - Antonio Owen, General Manager, Toast @ Winterfield Place

Drink - Scott Harris, Director of Operations, Toast & Hutch






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